Lives Trapped



Program Concept:

VIDAS ATRAPADAS is a Spanish-language program that dramatically re-enacts real life cases.  The program will quickly grab viewers as it opens with a poignant re-enactment of the conflict.  Throughout the show we will learn the history of both offender and victim, obtain an exclusive view into the investigation, and learn the consequences at the end.  The result is a program that is relevant, captivating and entertaining.

Based on real-life cases from Los Angeles area
-Have obtained full access and support from Social services and LAPD
-Cases will be selected to provoke, stimulate and surprise the viewers

Program will depict re-enactments of the conflict and the dramatic aftermath, including the investigation and its consequences.

Opposing points-of-view will be shown:
-Conflict's story
-Story from the victim and/or victim's family

Intense cases relating to social problems such as:
-Organized crime

Program is positive in its attitude and life changing in its concept
-The show will serve as an example for our communities in that it will inspire young people not to follow a life of crime.
-It will instill understanding and forgiveness as it shows the criminal's inner pain and sorrow

-Endings will always be surprising and will show OFFENDERS ask for forgiveness
-Original Spanish-language production
-Unique and original concept: there has never been anything like it in Latino Television



VIDAS ATRAPADAS will become a hit show for the following reasons:
-Family show that will attract viewers of all age groups
-Strong appeal for both women and men
-The strong attraction of the drama of a CONFLICT
-Provides an unique and exclusive insight into our social situation
-The reality element of the show will make it a relevant program to watch

The writing will guide us from the beginning to the end
-Strong audience flow within program

Broad scheduling opportunities
-Good fit in many dayparts
-Broad audience appeal


Audience Demographics:

-The universal reach of Real Life Cases depicted will attract viewers of all ages: teens, young and older adults
-Equal appeal to both women and men
-As a result of this broad prospective audience, scheduling options are abundant. For example:
-Daytime – women will watch for program's relevance and inspiration quality
-Early/Late Fringe – good fit as lead-in or lead-out for reality-based programs such as talk shows and news
-Primetime – wide appeal and strong entertaining value
- Effective option as counter-programming to novelas
- "Cops" was originally developed for primetime but is now successfully scheduled in many dayparts


Genre Comparison:


- 45:50 minutes TRT
- Monday through Friday
- Voice-over narrations that play over re-enactments
- Interviews with an Offenders
- Four strong segments
- The stories are based on real LIFE experiences
- All cases will have permission of emission and releases
- Fast pace and strong visual images
- Docu-drama: with accented drama as in Mexican Telenovelas
-Shot high definition (Film Look)

The crime: Explicit re-enactment of the conflict depicting intimate details.

Presenting the Main Character (Offender Person) Profile: When did he take a wrong turn in his live? What was his environment and his social circles? Who did he hang out with? What drove him to violence and/or other crimes?
Presenting the victim: Re-enactment
Introducing the environment of the conflict

Story Development
The Conflict,
The Offender Person: What drove him to do what he did.
The Victims : Who got hurt in the process?
Their Families; What did it cost him and the ones around him?
Understanding what happen and why. A Moral View(short statement)

The guilty person: Redemption, Regret, Repentance, Forgiveness and the moral of the story all make for powerful and surprising endings that will leave the audience wanting more.
This show will shock you and at times leave you in awe and surprise. We intend to produce a show that will captivate the audience and keep them riveted and glued to their seats.