Unidad de Emergencia (Emergency Unit)



UNIDAD DE EMERGENCIA (Emergency Unit) is a Spanish language show that re-enacts true-to-life stories about cases in an emergency ward. We will see the paramedics’ efforts, the rescue teams, and follow the action to the hospitals’ emergency room.

Based in Los Angeles, this program will show the tough reality and real-life drama not only of the emergency room but the tragedies that happen in the highway itself.


unidad emergencia


- Strong appeal to all adult demographics
- Concept delivers for both women and men
- Women will watch for the stories
- Men will watch for the action and images
- Reality factor makes it a relevant program to watch
- Will show Latinos’ reality when confronted with a medical emergency
- Will highlight the health system’s best and worst practices and procedures
- Socio-economic struggles of Latinos related to health systems
- An informative vehicle that will educate our community
- Cases selected will be relevant to our viewers
- Ample scheduling possibilities:
- Daytime – appeals to women
- Early/Late Fringe – good lead-in/lead-out to reality based shows such as talk shows andnews
- Primetime – high entertaining value
- Similar to COPS which delivers audiences in any daypart


- No host – Only a signature narrator voice
- 30 minutes TRT
- Two cases per show
- Sound Bites and voice-over narration describing what plays overre-enactments
- 4 segments - All cases will have permission of emission and releases - Stories are based on true-to-life stories in Los Angeles - Authentic: medical experts will be retained as consultants - Docu-drama: with accented drama as in Mexican Telenovelas - All shot in true high definition - Monday through Friday or Weekly show SEGMENTS

1. Open
- The Emergency: Explicit re-enactment of the emergency in the ER or Paramedics call.(Presenting the case)

2. Introduction
- Presenting the emergency facts
- Presenting the patients
- Presenting the victims or families

4. Story Development
- Presenting the patient environment – The before…(of the emergency)
- Looking in their lives as a mirror of ours

4. Conclusion
- The resolution under the crude reality of the case
- Inspirational ending