The Green that Rocks

A symbol of life, love, and faith, emeralds have long been treasured by royalty, from Cleopatra to the crowned heads of Europe. Discover how this magical green fire is formed deep in the Earth, and why it has fascinated us for centuries

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but most high-styling ladies are perfectly happy to make friends with that dazzling green rock from Colombia : the emerald. In fact, gem experts agree: a top-quality emerald is often more valuable than a diamond! Journey to Colombia , where the world's most spectacular emeralds are found. Learn how to determine the quality of an emerald, how emeralds get their brilliant colors, and what to look for when you buy an emerald.

We'll start out in the city of Muzo , where emeralds have been mined since pre-Columbian times. Miners will guide us underground, where we'll see how gemstones are extracted from mineral veins.
After the initial process of selecting and grading the raw chunks of gemstone, we'll meet the skilled gem cutters who shape and set the stones, then travel on to Colombia 's capital city, Bogotá, to see how emeralds are sold to international buyers.

Length: 70 minutes
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