La Cocina de la Abuela - Granny’s Kitchen
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This Spanish-language show, “LA COCINA DE LA ABUELA” will introduce you to an extremely diverse range of culinary influences boasted by the region, from Spanish, to Creole, Mayan to Afro-Caribbean. A young and energetic hostess in company of a local granny will bring the traditional and most common dishes of the region. “LA COCINA DE LA ABUELA”, a traveling cooking show in Latin America, seeks traditional dishes, explores the specialties, and the day-to-day meals of regional cuisine. You will learn to make delicious, Mexican, Central and South American Cuisine. LA COCINA DE LA ABUELA will also include amazing vignettes of these countries, its communities, its people, and its culture; in other words, a gastronomic tour around Latin America.

“LA COCINA DE LA ABUELA” will bring our beloved grannies and their kitchens along with their secrets and advice; thus, presenting a real taste of traditional cooking.

A Traveling Cooking Show for the entire family.

Our main character of this Travel - Cooking Show is Granny!!! The local dish will be presented by Granny and by our regular hostess.

TRT 24 Minutes
The Host
The Granny
The Dish / Local Culinary
4 Segments
Vignettes of the Country, The Town, The community highlights
Panoramic Locations
Multi Camera Production
Graphics 3D HD
All shot in True HD(1920 x 1080)

1- Introduction of the country and the region
2- Introduction of Granny and the Dish
3- The Ingredients
4- The Preparation and Conclusion

Young families in general.
Adults 25~45
Women 20~45
Children 8~12

Urban Cities

High School, College, Graduate