Corte de Inmigracion (US Immigration Court)


Program Concept

CORTE DE INMIGRACION* (US Immigration Court) is a Spanish language show that portrays one of the most important issues among Latinos: immigration. This program depicts true stories about immigration cases in the proven format of successful and established court shows. The result is a program that is informative, emotional and relevant .
Based on real immigration cases tried by US immigration attorneys
Cases will be interpreted by professional actors
We will learn each accuser’s experience:
-Reasons for leaving their country of origin
-How they entered the US
-Their life in the states
-How they got apprehended

The accused and his attorney will state their case in hopes of not being deported, while the prosecutors will push for conviction.
All cases will be presided by a very experienced immigration judge or attorney.
There will be debates, confrontations, arguments, breakthroughs, and accusations all presented in a format similar to other well known court shows. Immigration court will be a vehicle of information for the Latin community.
Original Spanish-language production
Unique and original twist of a proven format: there has never been anything like it in Latino Television


CORTE DE INMIGRACION will become a hit show for
the following reasons:

Immigration is one of the most important issues in the Latin community, guaranteeing an interested audience.
Authentic and informative
-All the cases will be authentic and will be presented by qualified and certified lawyers from the California immigration bar association
-Viewers will find out what really happens in an immigration court
-Provides an educational platform about immigration law for the Latino community

-The high entertaining value of the drama of a trial
-Broad audience appeal: everyone in the Latino community knows someone who is affected and dealing with immigration issues
-Broad scheduling opportunities
-Good fit in many dayparts: daytime, early or late fringe, primetime
-Court shows have proven successful in many dayparts

Genre Comparison


Segment One: OPEN
Headlines: Four(4) Immigration Cases
Segments Two - Five: Cases #1 trough #4
Case Profile: Re-enactment
Bailiff: Introduces The Cases
Immigration Lawyer: Presents The Cases
Defendant Statement: In Front of The Judge
District Attorney: Present The Law
THE JUDGE: Final Verdict

Host Interview: Defendant & The Lawyer & The District Attorney

Segment Six: Immigration Law Headlines
Changes in the Law
Deadlines & Vital Information related to Immigration

-45 minutes TRT
-Monday through Friday’s
-Host, Judge, Bailiff, District Attorney,
-Guest Immigration Lawyer
-Voice Over Description - Info Bumps
-4 Different Cases of Immigration
-6 Segments
-All cases will have permission of emission and releases
-The stories are based on real cases in the USA
-Easy immigration law description / Easy Language
-True High Definition Studio / 1920 X 1080P