Estrellas MRM


Program Concept:

ESTRELLAS MRM (MRM STARS) is a reality music contest program in Spanish. Aspiring singers will have a chance to compete for a recording contract while learning to be a 'Ranchero'. Contestants will not only compete to be the best singer and performer but will have to do it while living in a ranch and performing the many tasks a 'Ranchero' must master.

The music genre is Mexican Regional Music - the most listened to and favorite music of Mexicans living in the United States. The established passion for this style of music combined with the popularity of reality contests guarantees us a large built-in audience.

The genres are: -RANCHERA as MARIACHI MUSIC (Horse Back ridding singing) * -BANDAS* -NORTEÑO GROUP* -MEXICAN CUMBIA* *Solo interpretations.

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The Contetants:

-12 Spanish-speaking women and men
-Ages 18-49
-From all countries
-Variety of backgrounds and occupations
-Strong desire of being discovered
The various backgrounds are part of the fun and amazement. For example, a middle-class Puerto Rican plumber competing against a rich Mexican princess.

The contest has two parts which will be shown interchangeably:
The singing and performance
-Style on Stage
Training on how to be a Charro /(Mexican Rancher)
-Riding a horse
-Style as Charro
-Arena Performance
*Everything will take place in one of the best working ranch in New Cuyama, California(70 miles from Los Angeles)

One part of the contest is developing the contestants' singing abilities.
Contestants will receive training in the following areas:
- ance
-Live performances

Contestants will be coached by the best in the entertainment industry:
-Popular singers
-Music director
-Dance directors
-Image directors
-Record company executives
These experts will give the contestants precious feedback and critique
The musical genres that will be plated are: RANCHERA as MARIACHI MUSIC (Horse Back ridding singing) , BANDAS, NORTENO GROUP, MEXICAN CUMBIA.

The second goal of the contest is for contestants to become a real ranch-hand in the best working ranch in the country.
-Contestants will participate in a series of ranch chores and training
-Chores at the ranch will be assigned in a rotating pattern so that all contestants will perform all tasks throughout the competition. Chore examples are:
-Milking the cows
-Cleaning the stalls
-Collecting the eggs
-Roping the horses
-Feeding the animals

Contestants will receive 'Ranchero' training in a variety of areas, such as:
-Physical expression emulating a 'Ranchero'
-Horseback riding
-Roping cattle
-How to dress 'Ranchero' style

Insight into their every day living at the ranch
-Daily challenges (either artistic or ranchero) will deliver constant competition
-One weekly live performance
-Conducted at the ranch plaza in front of a live audience
-Eliminations will be decided by combination of:Insight into their every day living at the ranch
-Daily challenges (either artistic or ranchero) will deliver constant competition
-One weekly live performance
-Conducted at the ranch plaza in front of a live audience
-Eliminations will be decided by combination of:
-Judges' vote
Viewers (via internet or 800 number) *SOCIAL MEDIA INTERACTION
Contestant vote (each contestant must cast a vote for a competitor)
The competition will be ruthless, exciting, fun, highly competitive and stressful for the contestants. The audience will feel for them, will take a journey with them, will experience sadness to see their favorite loose and exhilaration to see them win. All in all, the audience will fall in love!


First Challenge: The auditions

To be held in key cities across the United States (akin to American Idol)
-Local contestants – Mexico, Latin America, Los Angeles born
-US National contestants – LA, NY, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco
-Judged by three personalities from the entertainment industry
-Some will be famous singers
-Others experts in their fields

Judges will select contestants based on quality of singing (in tune, phrasing, timing, style, image, originality) and personality
Part of the judging will be the skills in the Ranch live style, horse back ridding singing

The finalists in the audition challenge will be taken to the next step.



-ESTRELLAS MRM will become a hit show for the following reasons:
-The diversity of the music interpreted by the contestants: national songs from Mexico, the best of Mexican music of all time – the songs the audience loves!
-The diversity of the contestants' backgrounds and personalities will absolutely deliver drama and conflict
-The inherit drama and excitement of a competition
-Comedic relief delivered by the ranch chores performed
-A chance to see famous personalities
-A family show that will attract viewers of all ages
-Sequential nature of the show will deliver a steady audience
Viewers will be hooked and will tune-in every day
-Viewer participation will develop commitment to the show
-They will get to vote for their favorite

Genre Comparison:


The Format:

-60 Program episodes and 5 Casting episodes
-Monday thru Friday
-12 Sunday live performance (Around US Hispanic Markets)
-45 minutes TRT
-6 segments
-One host
-6 contestants (can be mixed)
-Additional content will include:
-Coach guests from music, television, radio, theater, dance instructors, image consultants, promoters
-VIP Guests: Singers, actors, music directors, industry professionals
-Profiles of the contestants
-Daily family and friends greetings for the contestants
-Contestants' interaction while living together
-High pace