..en la Torre !!! (...On Top !!!)


Program Concept

This Spanish-language program will provide an insider’s view into the lifestyles of the rich and famous: the world of the millionaires, their vacation spots, their mansions, their shopping extravaganzas, their likes and dislikes, their eccentricities.

Program will highlight the lifestyle of a personality
- The most popular celebrities among Latinos will be chosen
- Interesting non-celebrities such as music and film producers, as well as business people
- Program will take us around the world
- Top vacation spots
- Tour of their mansions, car collections, yachts, planes
- Over-the-top indulgences: shopping, hotels, restaurants, pampering, events
- Viewers will live this lifestyle through the jet-set experiences of a female host.
- Host will be a very casual, simple, graceful, gracious, funny and kind of innocent woman.

The celebrity will invite the host to a private tour of their mansion or other favorite place
- The host – and hence the audience – will have intimate access to the extravagant homes and over-the-top lifestyle
- The host will ‘hang-out’ at celebrity destinations and will be shown the VIP areas and treatment enjoyed only by the rich and famous.
- For example: the presidential suite at luxury hotels, the secluded vacation spots, VIP treatment at designers’ boutiques, attendance to fashion shows
- The reactions of the host to this extraordinary lifestyle will be humorous and entertaining

Genre Comparison


EN LA TORRE!!! will become a hit show for the following reasons:
- This entertaining show will attract adult viewers of all age groups
- Program can be customized to deliver a targeted audience through the selection of celebrities and destinations included
- Customization of program also allows for easy scheduling by matching lead-in audience flow –EARLY FRIENGE, SKEW FEMALE
- Inclusion of celebrities makes for easy and effective promotions and guarantees a large viewing audience
- Fulfills audience’s desire for escapism in current gleam economy
- Nothing like it on Spanish TV


30 minutes TRT
- Daily or Weekly program
- Traveling & Luxury show
- Two celebrities/millionaires portrayed per show
- 4 segments
- One host
- Shot in true high definition using Cine Alta f-900 cameras
- Celebrities Profiles
- Music, Gossip, & Paparazzo's


1. Open: Celebrity-guided tour
- Introduction and background of celebrity portrayed; how did they make their millions?
- Private tour of their home or favorite place
2. Host adventure
- Host will visit celebrity destinations and will receive VIP treatment
3. Celebrities-Inquired
- Introduction and background of 2nd celebrity portrayed
- Music, Gossip, & Paparazzo's
4. Conclusion
Rich & Famous Lifestyles- Planes, Boats, Fashion, Food SHOWS