A Cup Of Columbia

There's more to Colombia than cocaine and violence. Scattered across a lush Andean landscape, Colombia's small coffee farmers are the biggest producers of Arabica coffee worldwide. Behind this successful export economy is a culture deeply rooted in rich traditions, yet perfectly at home in the 21 st century.

In a country where partying has practically been elevated to an art form, it's no surprise that coffee-growers have their own national celebration.
Enjoy scenes from the week-long Coffee Festival that includes parades, traditional dances, and a pageant that culminates with the crowning of the International Coffee Queen
. You'll see the high-tech side of the coffee business, as scientists in the laboratories of the Colombian Coffee Federation develop more flavorful and disease-resistant beans.

Enjoy the breath-taking beauty of the coffee lands as you follow the steps of the production cycle. Find out why growing organic coffee involves birds as well as people. Listen to small-scale land-owners, tenant farmers, and itinerant pickers describe how the culture of coffee has shaped their lives. And find out why Starbucks ain't got nothin' on Juan Valdez. You're bound to gain a whole new appreciation for your next cup of coffee!

Length: 120 minutes
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