Cronicas LA

Program Concept

This Spanish-language program re-enacts raw and shocking reallife stories from the Los Angeles metropolitan area, narrated by the protagonists who lived them.
- The sources of the stories are: Life Experiences, Social Workers, Church Members, Non-Profit Organizations, Public Files, District Attorney Office, Lawyers
- Unique approach with extraordinary ending
- The great difference of this show is that during 20 minutes the program shows the drama, suffering, pain, need and harsh reality of every case. And the ending shows an extraordinary resolution: a happy and inspirational ending – an ending that after 20 minutes of tension the viewer can relax for the last 2 minutes. The last segment is created to depict happiness y rejoice for every story, whichever the topic.
- Story told from protagonist’s point of view.
- For example, show might open with: “My name is Joe Smith, and this is my story.” We will live their journey.
- Topics covered will address viewers’ top interests and concerns:
- Immigration
- Drug Cartel Stories
- “Miracle” stories (Virgen de Guadalupe and other saints)
- Relationships (family, infidelity)
- Gangs
- Work
- Physical and mental abuse
- Health
- Originally produced in Spanish
- Los Angeles Hispanic Actors (80% Mexican actors)


Strong appeal across all adult demographics
- Variety of cases covered will attract both genders
- -Or- types of cases can be manipulated to attract a specific gender, depending on desired demographic
- Reality-based concept makes it a relevant program to watch
- Provides an insight into current criminal activities in our community
- Great fit in many dayparts
- Can be customized for women (daytime,) or men, or both
- Good lead-in or lead-out to reality based programming such as news and talk shows
- Novela counter-programming
- Strong audience flow within the show
- The story, told from beginning to end, aids in retaining audience throughout the show
- Proven concept
- Programs in this genre, such as “Lo Que Callan las Mujeres” continue to enjoy long, successful runs
Genre Comparison


Main Character
- The protagonist (interpreted by a professional actor) will guide us with their voice thru the narration of their experience, with dramatic tone and pronunciation at every stage of the story.
- Will also act as main character
- Interviews (Secondary Characters)
- Persons who interact with the main Character story such as: Witnesses, Police Officers, Judges, people that is relative with the Main Character story
- Re-enactment
- Secondary or co-protagonists (local actors)


- 30 minute TRT
- Monday thru Friday or weekly Show
- Fast pace and strong visual images
- 4 segments
- Original Spanish-language production
- Recording on location
- 50% exterior and 50% interior (may vary according the story)
- 1920 x 1080p HDTV (23,98p) Cine Alta film look
- Visual language is cinematography (the “novela” meets Mexican cinema)
- Music Accent and Sound Design


1st Segment – Introduction of the story climax
- The climax of the story is shown in the first 30 seconds (example: the accident on the freeway, death of spouse, the drive-by shooting, the abuse, the liquor store theft, the rape, the suicide, the painful border crossing, the divorce, the infidelity, the health emergency).
- This beginning will deliver drama, action, suspense, crisis and pain. We begin with the introduction of the problem or extreme experience.
- 2nd Segment – Introduction of the main character
- Profile of the person who is sharing their story, presented in a descriptive way relative to the content (example: a bus driver who abuses drugs hits and kills a family driving downtown).
- We will also show their family (the ones who will suffer over their mistake); we will show their life, their struggles, their bad habits… 3rd Segment – Introduction of the story environment and climax
- We will show the day before, the day of, and/or the day after, showcasing those affected by the tragedy.
- We will re-live the climax of the story in detail and step-by-step
- 4th Segment – Resolution
- A happy ending where the protagonist or main character undergoes a positive change, or the story has a turning point an a solution is found.
- Tease Next-Show